Westcoast Sportfishing



I started manufacturing my first jerk baits in year 2007. My first ever bait was a yellow/red piece of pine wood, which I weighted with a cut stainless steel bolt and varnished with wooden floor varnish.

On a late October afternoon, in a shallow creek, when I first time was fishing with this bait gave me a smaller pike, and I was caught on making own lures. Since then have I done a lot of research and testing with various results. Of all models I have made, there are some which are really pike catchers and which I also use for guiding purposes. Since You as well as I like the excitement of pike fishing, I now decided to start selling these jerk baits so You can also have the joy fishing with them.

Today I make my jerk baits of one piece oak, using epoxy or urethane coating. All baits are individual weighted and finished with several layers of coating. They are individually tested and tuned in real environment to have the correct walk when fishing them.

Check out the bait side for the different models and colours. If you want your bait in some special colour, please inform me in a mail with the colour specifications you want.